Product Reviews: Simply Balanced Raspberry Sorbet

The best thing about being a Dietitian is every time I want to try something new, I use it as an excuse to make a product review blog post. I am all about curbing my sweet tooth and indulging every now and then, which is why I try to find the best/healthiest desserts out there. This weekend I was dying for some ice cream on the way home from a shopping trip with the fiancé. We couldn’t find any ice cream shops that were open and probably for the best seeing as I am lactose intolerant and would have regretted it immensely later on. Instead we stopped at  Target and I indulged in “Simply Balanced Raspberry Sorbet”, only $2.99 per container as well which is much cheaper than if we had splurged at a Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone.

  • Perks: ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, low calorie, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan approved,  minimal ingredients, minimal processing, and low fat.
  • Cons: 26g of Carbohydrates per serving, only a con if you are a diabetic and need to monitor your blood sugars closely. I would recommend only one serving of 0.5 cup if Diabetes is an issue you deal with, still a better option than ice cream or other high fat/processed desserts though.

Nutrition Facts:

Dietitian Approved.


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