Product Review: Whole Fruit, Fruit Bars

I am on a Popsicle, ice, sweet, dessert, and summery kick these past couple weeks. I am loving me some fresh fruit Popsicle’s that are made with minimal ingredients and taste so pure/natural. The strawberry flavor is by far the BEST, the mango flavor is kinda lacking and I would recommend straying away from them. I bought these on sale at Publix for BOGO and ended up only paying $3.99 for 12 bars! I was one happy Dietitian. These are definitely Dietitian approved.


  • No dairy, so okay for lactose intolerance
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Low fat
  • Lower sugar (only 17g per bar)
  • Low calories = 70 kcals (and curbs the sweet tooth)


  • Some of the flavors (i.e. mango) do not have much “flavor’ and tastes more like you are just eating ice.

Dietitian Approved.Β 


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